Sonali S. Vinnakota

Hi there! I am Sonali, a mom to twins, wife of a supportive husband, an ex-banker, academician, an entrepreneur and a blogger.

I have always liked to do the day-to-day things in a certain way and have been in jobs that call for discipline and organization. So, come along with me in this beautiful journey of organizing!

My mantra? Be Organized. Be Productive. Be Happy!

If this website has been able to make a difference to your life, I would be very happy to hear from you. You can reach me at Happy organizing!

What does 'Bowerspace' mean?

Bowerbird Nest - Bowerspace

The name Bowerspace is inspired by the beautiful and organized nests that bowerbirds make to attract their mates.

Bowerbirds spend countless hours toย embellish and organize their nests, called bowers, using coins, nails, leaves, shells, seeds, flowers and live insects. Bowers are U-shaped nests built with twigs and grass, and carpeted with moss. Each bower is an architectural marvel that stretches out 5 or 6 yards across, complete with a thatched roof and supporting pillars.

It’s truly a unique inspiration for us from the animal kingdom. Go on, build your ownย bowerspace!