In this video, I have shared a few tips on how you can easily organize a party table. These tips are ideal for any small gathering, kitty parties, family dinners or even for kids’ birthday parties. The ideas I have shared will help you with an ease of presentation along with an eye appeal! Your happy guests are sure to leave behind plenty of praises! Hope you enjoy this video and find it useful especially when the Christmas and New Year parties are just round the corner.

1. Spread a clean table cloth

A neat and clean linen is the most important part of dining experience. It’s also good to chose the color of the linen depending on the kind of food you want to serve. I prefer this orange one for any Indian main course spread. Otherwise my personal favorite is white. A white background is perfect to make the table show up a burst of beautiful colors and make the food look appealing!

2. Create an elevation

Creating levels makes it easy to have a larger spread in a very small space. I typically re-purpose my kitchen and pantry organizers. They have always been my best friends for any buffet table arrangement.
But you could also reuse empty cardboard boxes to create the same look and create levels.
Just a quick tip – you can reuse a dupatta for spreading on the boxes.
In this demo, I have tried to show how you can use a shelf liner to give a really beautiful look.

3. Set up the tableware

Even before you start plating, it’s important that you set up the tableware to get an idea if everything fits in well.
While we are at it, let me give you a friendly advice. If you are in a last minute rush, trying to finish the cooking, I suggest you take help of your kids to arrange the table. They would love to do that! They would learn to organize and help.

4. Start plating

Well, unless you are using a chafing dish or microwave safe bowls for reheating.. I suggest you can start your preparation by keeping the dishes that don’t call for any reheating. I always cover my bowls with a cling wrap. It shows off the food without having to keep it in the open and retains the moisture.

5. Do the décor

A well decorated table is always a treat to a foodie. Do not put a million show pieces but a one or 2 little things that add charm to the occasion. I feel that buffets are the perfect occasion to bring out and show off all your dining sets and crockery. Give your guests that amazing gastronomical treat that they remember forever!

So, have a happy holiday and a Merry Christmas!!!