In this video, I will tell you 10 tricks to organize your study table/ desk to increase your productivity at work and help you to efficiently manage a lot of time!

Remember that these tricks are suitable even for a small study table purchased readymade!

  1. Always keep the top of your desk clutter-free
  2. Keep necessary things handy & Make sure that they work!
  3. Partition your drawers before you store
  4. Segregate & Keep same type of things in the same place
  5. Save a spaceย for keeping junk papers
  6. Let your desk have a pin up board and/or magnetic whiteboard
  7. Use wire managers to avoid jumbled cables
  8. Keep a dustbin next to your desk
  9. Make sure your chairs are comfortable!
  10. Do not compromise on lighting

So friends, these are a few things that I follow to stay organized in my home office and keep myself super productive.

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