6 Steps to a neat and organized desk

  1. Make use of desk accessories to keep frequently used things handy.

Desk Accessories

2. Organize the important but not that frequent items in your desk drawers

Organized Desk Drawer

3. Arrange and organize your papers in files and folders. Use paper sorters and file holders for a neater arrangement.

Paper and File Sorters

4. Don’t let jumbled and hanging wires ruin the beauty of your space and be hindrance while you are working. Use cable holders and cord drops to keep the wires and cables less clumsy.

Cable Organization

5. Use floating shelves to create the extra space

Floating Shelves To Create Space

7. Make your to-do lists more productive with the help of message boards or as popularly knows as whiteboards and pinup boards

Pinup Boards For Productivity

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