Bowerspace is a one stop place to help you be organized and productive every single day of your life! If you are a busy Indian woman trying and doing her best, our planners and organizational tools will help you do so with ease!

Founded by Sonali Shekhar Vinnakota (that is me…) in 2016 with the hope and mission to inspire and enable every Indian wife, mother and daughter to be organized and productive through my experiences.

I am passionate about organizing. Well, people who know me say that I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) when it comes to arranging things in my home! Some even believe that there is a huge protractor hidden in my house for aligning and arranging stuff in my house (no, it’s not true…)!

I am a proud mom to twins, wife of a supportive husband, an ex-banker, academician, an entrepreneur and a blogger to name a few of the feathers on my cap (I have done many random things in my life…). My life as you can make out has got me into jobs that call for discipline (to the nearest minute of the clock..) and organization.

When I wanted to organize a space in my home, I did what most others would do: scour magazines and the internet for ideas and then spend countless hours trying to find the right products in stores or on e-commerce sites. Several times, this did not get me to what I wanted. There had to be a better way. That gave birth to, a place that makes home organizing easy. It’s a place where you can get ideas on how to organize your home. Through I try to share my experiences with you.

I feel productivity comes from taking notes and jotting down to-dos. To-Do lists are my favorites for the satisfaction I get out of checking them off! I have been a planner person all my life!!! My quest for the perfect planner led to creation of Make-My-Day Planner. (You haven’t seen it yet?? Please see it now! You will love it I am sure. Don’t forget to fetch your copy…)

If this website and its products have been able to make a difference to your life, I would be very happy to hear from you!

Be Organized. Be Productive. Be Happy!

Stay safe.

About The Name ‘Bowerspace’

The name Bowerspace is inspired by the beautiful and organized nests that bowerbirds make to attract their mates.

Bowerbirds spend countless hours to embellish and organize their nests, called bowers, using coins, nails, leaves, shells, seeds, flowers and live insects. Bowers are U-shaped nests built with twigs and grass, and carpeted with moss. Each bower is an architectural marvel that stretches out 5 or 6 yards across, complete with a thatched roof and supporting pillars. It’s truly a unique inspiration for us from the animal kingdom.

Go on, build your own bowerspace!