Geetha Pillai’s Neat and Colourful, Small Balcony Inspiration

Small balconies are not always easy to decorate. But when they are done well they make up to be the most cozy part of the house for an early morning cup of coffee. Be it a rainy day or a sunny winter, they make the perfect place to relax. One such balcony that we explored was that in the home of Geetha Pillai, an architect and a mommy. Take a look and get inspired!

  1. Spacious, clean and well utilized space is the mantra of this balcony.P.C- Geetha Pillai

2. Vertical floor space has been put to good use with the help of a wrought iron planter stand. Keeps the surroundings clean and gives the balcony a spacious look.

P.C- Geetha Pillai (1)

3. Colourful hanging planters allow the floor to stay empty thereby creating all the space.

P.C- Geetha Pillai (2)

4. Weatherproof furniture makes it an ideal pick for the balcony for that cozy cup of coffee!

P.C- Geetha Pillai (3)

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