How Rinku Naren & her 3 year old son shaped up the closets!

They say that inspiration is infectious. And when a mommy passes it on to her little son, i think it’s so cute! Rinku who is all motivated and charged up, decided to start with organizing her kids’ closet and also husband’s. Not only did she organize, she organized it with an amazing sense of categorization! And to help her in all this was her li’l son Agastya. He helped her with making a li’l closet bin to be used in his Dad’s closet.

Can’t wait to show you how her organizing outcome came up to be like!

She started with decluttering the clothes and segregating them. Most of the closets have large drawers and not so many shelves. The end result was not just a clean and organized drawer but also a lot more free space!

Bowerspace Readers Corner Mens Closet Organization Rinku Naren

With her husband’s closet she did wonders. Let me first show you what her son helped her with… He helped her with this cute bin!

Bowerspace Readers Corner Mens Closet Organization Rinku Naren

It has now a special place in Dad’s Closet for storing his caps and towels.

Shirts, T-Shirts, formals, casuals and other type of clothes were segregated, neatly folded and kept like this:

Bowerspace Home Organization Readers Corner


She ended up finding a teeny space for towels too!

All the cameras with their charging cables found a special place. They were now together with their SD Cards, batteries and not just those, a selfie sitck too! That was awesome, Rinku!
Bowerspace Home Organization Readers Corner

One drawer was neatly put to use for undergarments and belts. The folding technique not only helped her make space but also made it look neat!

Bowerspace Home Organization Readers Corner

Travel kits and swimming gear were well sorted and stored.

Bowerspace Home Organization Readers CornerWhat more could one ask for when the final outcome is something like this:

bowerspace readers corner

Very inspiring, Rinku! Thanks a lot for sharing your pictures with Bowerspace. Looking forward to getting more before-after pictures of your organizing endeavors!

Hope you all liked this post. I shall be back soon with a new one next time. Till then be organized, be productive, be happy!

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