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As a kid I always liked playing with my toys. And now I love to see my kids playing with a large plethora of toys that they own. Though my mom bought us the best of the toys and play sets available in those days ( a lot of which made my friends really jealous :P), kids these days have a fascinating variety available everywhere. Well, it however calls for a more timely de-cluttering, organizing and arranging them. At least for me, it is not easy to simply throw away something just like that. So, what do I do? Sort – Donate – Throw! I want to share how I have their toys, games, dolls and play-sets arranged in their room. And by the way, my kids share a common room which is big enough but isn’t very large. Here we go!

How to organize very small toys:

As my kids grew they got very fascinated with freebies which are typically collectibles. Eventually, the fascination grew stronger leading to buying sets of dolls, Chota Bheem , Peppa Pig and so on. So, I decide to paint a tree, recycled some old planks and had them fixed on it’s branches and Bingo! This tree is now a host to many such small dolls. (You can read more on how easy it is to do in my blog, DIY to organize small dolls and toys.)



As you can see to the left, I have used an extra plank to avoid using any more place on the shelf.

How I organize building blocks:

My kids have a variety of building blocks/construction set. When kept together, it’s a big mess. Playing does not remain fun as most of their time is lost in identifying and sorting the right pieces. I solved for the problem by arranging them in separate baskets/bins. Now, they take out only that set which they want to play with. It generally remains neat barring a few pieces that might get mixed up during the course of playing, I have seen in some blogs where people sort these blocks by color. Not a bad idea if your blocks are of the same make, like a Lego. I prefer it this way.


How to organize big toys:

Bigger toys generally cannot be accommodated in any one box unless it is a large toy storage box. These toys are typically very random ones. When I say random, I mean those toys which don’t really fall under a set category and are difficult to organize. My kids’ room closets have a pull out drawer under it that holds all such toys. To make it easily accessible to them and their friends, I had wooden partition made simultaneously to bifurcate. Now this drawer holds a. kitchen set, b. dolls, c. big vehicles and, d. small cars, all in one place without messing up and getting jumbled. These drawer units are fully removable making it easy to remove toys that fall in the behind or where the antennas of battery operated cars are stuck.



How to store/organize stuffed toys:

I generally do not prefer having too many stuffed toys displayed. Since my son is prone to allergy, I do not find it good to have too many stuffed toys lying outside. The whole affair becomes very high maintenance. So, I have them stored in clear/transparent boxes, placed them in their room to pick up and play any time they need. Most stuffed toys we have are either dogs and puppies or elephants, as these are my kids’ favourites. I therefore have them separated into two different boxes with lids in their favourite colours. Looks neat, easy and absolutely dust free!


That’s all for now. Hope it was useful enough. Please do not forget to share with me the way you organize your kids’ toys. I will be very happy to have it featured in my favorite section of this website House Tours

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