What’s a Tiered Shelf?

A ‘tiered shelf’ as the name suggests, is tiered i.e in levels. every time i say the tiered shelf i instantly remember the 2-Tier and 3-Tier coaches of Indian Railways. He he he! (Bad joke, isn’t it? 😛 )

Well, it’s also known as a step cabinet organizer. Tiered shelf organizer is the most common name.

Let’s get to the details now.

Can be used in:

1. Kitchen pantry.

Bowerspace Home Organizing

2. For Medicines:

4. In your dresser area to keep cosmetics

Bowerspace Home Organizing

6. For keeping craft supplies in your study/home office/kids room!

Bowerspace home Organization                                                                     PC: Pinterest

7. And you could use in your crockery rack cabinets. Like this:

Bowerspace Home Organizing                                                                           PC: My mom’s kitchen cabinet

8. Last but not the least, imagine how much fun would it be to display toys?!

Bowerspace - Home Organzing

Other than two of them, rest of the pictures are from different shelves in my home. You can use your imagination to organize things in this type of a tiered organizer.


1. Easy access at the back of a shelf. No more out of sight, out of mind!

2. You need not pull out the organizer every time you want to see something. The purpose of this organizer is to help you see the stuff lying behind!

3. Saves a lot of shelf space.

4. Gives an aesthetic appeal to the shelf!

Links to buy

Amazon is my personal favorite as you can read product reviews, you can get an estimated delivery date, easy exchange policy and quality assurance. So, here we go with a few links for different varieties of step organizers that you can buy.

Please note the following:

  1. Above link to the product is only my recommendations.
  2. Please don’t forget to check the dimensions of the area you want to organize before buying a product.
  3. Bowerspace or myself are not responsible for any damage/variance in the product(s) delivered to you.
  4. Kindly contact Amazon for any delivery related issues.
  5. I am an affiliate and eligible to receive a commission when applicable.

Hope you found this post useful! Well, bye for now!!! And as i always say, be organized, be productive and be happy! Good day!

Good to know, even better to watch!

Well, I have a pantry organizing video where you’ll get to see what is it like to use a tiered shelf. Also, is the link to the video of medicines cabinet organization and my cosmetics organization where you can get to see the ways to do so. Enjoy!




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