My home-office desk drawer makeover & organization

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I am currently in a major organizing makeover spree. I began with doing up my desk drawers. You have already seen how my home office desk looks like. You also know how I really love that part of my home. So, what better place to kick start.

I started with one of its drawers. Let me first show you a before-after picture:

Organized Home Office Desk Drawer Before & After
Organized Home Office Desk Drawer Before & After


A few changes here and there made it look fresh and new! Let me show you how.

Earlier I had used a random set of organizers in the drawer that included a couple of storage baskets and a hardboard box with partitions that came with the purchase of some electronic gadget. Well, it wasn’t inconvenient but got really boring and dysfunctional after I used it for almost a year. It was high time the drawer needed a makeover. I used acrylic organizers that were already at home. I have mentioned a few of them later in this blog. 

These are the three simple steps that I followed:

Step 1: Declutter the drawer.

I followed the first rule of any organizing process – declutter! Although there weren’t many things that had remained unused, a few adhesives were in fact drying up! Obviously, I had to throw them away. I took out all the stuff and I cleared my drawer.

Step 2: Clean up the drawer.

Then I followed the second important post decluttering rule – clean! I have always experienced that something that looks normally clean from the outside is not always so. There is always a small layer of dust that remains underneath! Don’t wait for angels to do it for you. (By angels I mean your maids). Pick up a cloth, your Colin and wipe the things clean. That’s exactly what I did.

Decluttering Desk Drawer

As I mentioned, I used clear acrylic organizers in my drawer. To the left is an acrylic organizer from the brand interdesign. I like it for being sturdy and functional. They are a bit on the higher side. But if you are looking at buying on something in a budget, brands like Omega should be good. If you want to shop online, has a good variety of acrylic organizers available in a budget.

Acrylic Organizers To Organize Desk Drawer

Step 3: Organize it!

What next? Well, the most important third step – Organize! Since, I had kept all the things sorted it was easy for me to start organizing them in my beautiful and even looking acrylic organizers. However, remember that mere sorting in similar types is not important. Keeping them in a place is equally important to find them when really needed. So, I started to keep all similar items on one side.

Organized Desk Drawer

As you can see, I have all adhesives/glues in one place. A little box out there is home to feviquick tubes. Since they could be a bit leaky and sticks really hard on the surface, I thought they need slightly extra protection.

Organized Desk Drawer

I like to keep my laptop cleaner and a cloth handy at all times. I reserved a place for them here in the organizer. I also have my visiting cards handy to be able to pick a few on the go.

Organizing Desk Drawer

These are the only electronic gadgets that I have: a set of speakers, my iphone accessories and a charging cable to my bluetooth speaker. Anything else here would have been over stuffing.

Organizing Desk Drawers

I need my almonds and flax seeds handy. Almonds are my quick fix to hunger. So, I like to have them here so that I don’t feel lazy to pick it up! The boxes are really sleek. I had bought them at a local departmental store a few years back. I plan to replace them with Borosil glass containers.

Well, with everything in place, my desk drawer is organized with a more fresh and even look!

My Home Office Desk Drawer Organization

Hope you all like it. Please don’t forget to leave your comments and any suggestions. Hope to be back with another post soon. Till then, be organized and be happy![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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