My Kitchen Drawer: How I used ‘Adjustable drawer Divider’ to Reorganize my Drawer

How to organize your kitchen drawer in simple steps

I personally love cooking and as you all know kitchen drawer is of utmost importance for me. In my opinion, having a well organized kitchen drawer make things a lot easier especially if I am cooking. I don’t have to look for a specific kitchen accessory or spend a few minutes recalling as to where I have placed the spatula or a tong.

And I can’t even begin to tell you how therapeutic it is to see kitchen accessories sorted and perfectly organized.

Now that my drawer is in tip-top shape, I though I would not only give you a tour of them, but also share my tried and tested tips for getting perfectly organized kitchen drawers in your kitchen!

Let’s get to it!

There is no point organizing the kitchen drawers if they are filled with a bunch of kitchen accessories or utensils you don’t require often or need. Before looking for adjustable drawer divider, and making it to look all beautiful, set aside some time to analyze the things in the cabinet and decide.

  • If you want to keep it and,
  • If it’s in the right place.

I always try and do a purge before I move so that I set up the drawer in a productive way. But this time around, I needed to go back through and re-look at some of the things. Some tongs that I hardly use, bottle openers, pizza cutter, lemon squeezer, and worn out utensils were all kept aside. With all the items separated, I then set my sites to organize what all was left!

As my kitchen drawer sits in peninsula, right smack in the middle of the kitchen where food preparation, meal plans, and so much more happens. I really wanted to outfit the kitchen drawer with more than just odds and ends: I wanted it to be organized with things I reach for most often. As such that my kitchen drawer, holds everything from basic kitchen tools, bottle opener, basting brush, cream spatula, baking oil brush and more!

So let’s take another look at before. This was an extraordinary cabinet with huge amounts of storage space. Yet, it required some direction. Without any proper dividers, everything was only a cluttered chaos.

I knew it had potential, and I kept thinking someday I would organize the drawer efficiently. Since the issue with premade cabinet coordinators is that the spaces are never sufficiently enormous and never where I want them to be. Also, custom cabinet organizers are costly and can require a significant stretch of time to come if you custom order them.

Finally it was that time that i put to use this adjustable drawer divider from Ikea one day and had my own custom drawer organizer the very same day!

First, I pulled the drawer, took everything out, and sorted and freshened up the drawer with new liners. There are scads of new options out there that will cheer you up whenever you open the drawer.

You’ve have probably noticed already, but as I am working through the drawers, I lined them with drawer liner.

I have lined the kitchen drawer in many of my drawer for few reasons. The first is that I enjoy seeing a pop of pretty when I open the drawer. It’s little and easy detail that makes my kitchen feel more like me. And, it also helps keep the drawer surfaces clean from daily wear and tear and also more wipeable than most interior drawer surfaces. In fact, when it’s time to move out, I can just remove and go without having to worry about cleaning the inside of the kitchen drawer.

Here’s a drawer liner that I bought and placed it in my kitchen drawer.

With an idea of how much both the items I’d need, I made my way and headed to organize my drawer.

For the drawers layout below, I needed 5 piece of Ikea adjustable drawer divider.

In my smallest drawer, I was able to fit the IKEA organizer(arranged horizontally and vertically), leaving space for my rolling pin. Not all things will fit into an organizer, but you can still make a dedicated spot for your items by strategically placing the organizer.

This drawer perfectly exemplifies my next tip.

So far, you’ve seen that I have placed both the liner and adjustable drawer divider perfectly in my drawer. Lastly, I slid the utensils and accessories in the newly organized slots. Not only does storing like all the items together in proper section tend to create tidier spaces, but it helps everyone in my house to know where the things belongs.

In fact, I was pretty amazed to discover that the IKEA dividers fit perfectly edge-to-edge in the drawer, using up every last inch and providing me with 5 different compartments to put things in. Again..measure and plan before you cut the adjustable divider!

Since this drawer holds lots of different things, my overall goal was to give everything a logical home where it could be easily seen and accessed.

For an easy reference, here are the products I Used in this kitchen drawer organization project!

I hope you found some helpful tips here whether you need to get one or all your drawers tied up. And when you need something back, just browse my website where I will help you work through every area of your home!

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