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Hello there! I am back and yes after a really long gap! Busy with festivals, I could barely squeeze time to blog. Well, now that festivities are over, I first thought of de-cluttering my fridge. It wasn’t easy. Oh! So much stuff in there after the festivals drove me super crazy! When in a rush it doesn’t matter how many bins you have inside the refrigerator, it somehow, magically becomes full! Thank God, that my kids are not of the types who meddle around with it. 🙂

Anyway, while I was at it, I saw Alejandra Costello’s (for those of you who may not know her, she is one organizing freak and an expert based out of the US and I am her huge fan) link on Facebook that it was ‘National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day’ in the US. So, I chose to celebrate it too.


And now, my favorite part of the blog – to share how I organize. 🙂

How I organize my refrigerator compartments:

So, this is how it is. I only use food grade quality plastic, BPA free. Please do that as a practice. An inside of the refrigerator is the most dangerous when it comes to making your food unhealthy.

This is not the most glamorous of pictures but i hope it’s clear.


I reserve the top-most part of the fridge to keep only boiled-milk and curd. Since these are things that call for a certain sanctity for their use in poojas, i prefer not to mix them up with left overs. Many of you may think, so what? They are all ultimately in the same fridge. I know. I know! But i find peace by doing some level of separation. 😛

I have used Tupperware fridge smart boxes (the ones with purple lid) and the others are of Cello. I have always trusted these brands for their quality. I use Yera glass jars to store peeled garlic. They are not expensive and come for as low as 300Rs for a set of three! Lock n Lock and Borosil have very pretty and well designed space savers in glass.

Storing it in plastic boxes might leave that smell permanently. You can use stainless steel boxes too. I prefer see through containers that are air-tight.

I have used organizer bins to categorize ingredients used for different cuisines/use – Chinese, pasta and pizza, and other dressings. I plan to switch to or replace the organizers in my fridge with bins and organizers from ‘Interdesign‘. They are transparent and are made of very good quality acrylic material. I am sooo waiting to get that uniform look to my fridge. You can chose to recycle storage containers with lids that are lost/broken, but as I said make sure that they are good quality food grade, BPA free boxes.

As you can see, I have stored all such items that are likely to leak ex. condensed milk cans, syrups and sweet boxes in a separate tray (next to the tray that has tomatoes).


Coming down to the crisper, I prefer Zip Lock covers or netted bags to store vegetables. You can find them even at a departmental store near you.

Oh! And before I forget, let me show you how I store the extra milk packets. There are times when I may not be able to boil all packets. I use a tray in ‘chiller’ compartment to store such packets. Storing in a tray prevents any kind of a milk leakage (which we generally don’t realize till the packet stays in a place for some time) from spreading to the entire compartment. Cleaning up becomes easy. I hate cleaning up spilled milk. 😛


Storing Milk In the Refrigerator

How I organize the refrigerator door:

Organizing the fridge door

My fridge came with 2 egg holders. I use one of them for eggs (Ahem! Obviously) and the other one for lemons. There are times when I like to boil eggs before hand. I mark them to make distinguishing easy.


I recommend not to store boiled eggs for too long. I have seen blogs where people mark dates. Not a bad idea, you see!

I store all sachets in a bin that perfectly fits the rack. It’s these packets that tend to mess up most part of the fridge. It also makes it easy for me to track packets that are nearing expiry.

Next to it you will see a few containers with blue lids. I found them in a local store. You will find plenty of them on Amazon. Those are the chutneys/pickles that need refrigeration. I have labelled them too. Coming to the bottles, I like to align them such that the labels face me. It looks neat. My family does not consume soft drinks. I prefer to have them for an emergency for guests. Thankfully, a city like Bangalore does not need too many cold drinks.

My favorite things – the fridge magnets! 

So, this is how I organize my refrigerator. 🙂 How do you organize yours? Plz do share in your thoughts and comments. And before I sign off let me show you my favorite fridge magnets!


Hope you all like it. See you soon! And in the mean while, Be Organized, Be Happy!!!

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