Shweta & Arnav Madhusudhan’s Daily Calendar

This cool way of having a calendar is entirely Shweta’s brainchild and fully handmade by her son Arnav. Shweta is a home maker and an avid DIYer who also takes craft classes for small kids in her apartment. But, a mother who encourages her kid to DIY is very rare.

Arnav’s hand work is commendable too. He finds it useful to have his schedule right in front of him. He says, “Every time I go to open my cupboard I know and remember that I have something to do”. That’s like a good boy, Arnav!

Colorful and functional, isn’t it? Well done, Shweta and Arnav! It was a truly inspiring DIY project!

Arnav & Shweta Madhusudhan's Daily Calendar
Arnav & Shweta Madhusudhan’s Daily Calendar

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