Small Kitchens: 6 Perfect Organizing Hacks

A teeny-weeny, typical urban kitchen somehow magically clutters itself. Small kitchens have one constant problem – storage. When storage isn’t sufficient, maximizing the functional space in a small kitchen becomes very important. So, here we go with some of the coolest life hacks for a small kitchen.

  1. Use floating shelves to create space and add glamour

Where space is of concern, it’s a great idea to add just a few simple floating shelves and creating extra space. They look chic, modern and elegant. These not only create space to hold spices and cookware but are an equally awesome way to show off those really cool cookie jars and chinaware.

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  1. Use cabinet organizers for a more organized and spacious kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most functionally unused part kitchens. A variety of cabinet organizers can help to create extra storage by putting into use the unused vertical part of shelves and cabinets. Cookware, pantry items, dinnerware and serve-ware can be beautifully stored and organized.


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  1. Use Storage trays and bins to create space under the kitchen sink

Generally unused, sink area could be one of the best areas to organize so much – extra toiletries, tissue rolls, detergents and cleaning accessories! It doesn’t matter if you do not have a utility area for keeping these things. Checkout this really wonderful inspiration that uses every bit of space under the sink to functionally and beautifully store cleaning accessories.

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  1. Use Over-the-door and hanging organizers to store pantry items

Be it little packets in the pantry or small bottles lying behind in kitchen shelves, over-the-door organizers are a perfect fit to store such tiny things. Organizing items with low shelf life this way will help you keep track of them and they will also be very handy when you need them.

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  1. Use the cabinet doors to organize small items

Ladles, pans, spices, pantry items or any other small items – just as the way you could use your kitchen door, the insides of a cabinet/shelf door can be put to use to get that extra storage and a more organized look. Depending on the size of the door you can chose to use racks, hanging organizers or magnetic boards.

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  1. Use sleek storage containers for maximum grocery storage

Bulky and uneven boxes are a complete turnoff not only to the aesthetics of any kitchen but also a big compromise to the space. Sleek containers in different brands and types are available in plenty. Replace all such containers with sleeker and stackable ones. An inspiration in the Indian context cannot be better than this one.

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