Zeffirra Husein’s Organized Home

This is the organized house of Zerffirra Husein from Mumbai- a working mommie of two cute angels, a pretty lady, an avid blogger, a clean freak and an organizing superstar! We at Bowerspace have fallen in love with her home-organizing skills. With a fast paced life of Mumbai and with a toddler and a new born baby at home, this is commendable! Here you go with some inspiring pictures of her organized den!

Organised refrigerator: A very well arranged and an organized refrigerator is a rare thing to find. Shows Zeffirra’s commitment to her family’s health and diet! This is just one of the many ideas she had to share to organize her refrigerator. You can read more on her blog:  http://iheartmypresent.com/2015/04/refrigerator-organizing/












Organized Kitchen: An organized pantry and kitchen speak a lot about the personality of an individual. This kitchen goes way beyond that! Neat, organized, labelled and meticulous; this kitchen speaks volumes about the warmth and affection of this family. What an inspiration!

























Kids’ Toys Organized: Generally the most frustrating part of any home with kids is the kids’ room itself. Zeffirra has segregated her kid’s toys in separate bins to classify them. Learn more of her toy organizing secrets from her blog http://iheartmypresent.com/2014/08/toy-organizing/


Untitled design (1)










Thank you for sharing such inspiring pictures Zeffirra! Hope to see more from you soon.

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